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    By visiting Loovac websites, you are subject to the following terms and conditions. If you visit this website, including its contents and informations, you confirm you read and totally accept terms and conditions of use, below described and commit yourself to respect them.

    Data and property protection

    Any use of Loovac websites by a person or an entity for any purpose other than publishing advertisements and/or research and inquiring for vacation rentals and leisures are strictly prohibited.
    The internet user agrees not to use Loovac websites for any unlawful or prohibited purposes, in particular : - not to post or transmit any message(s) and/or information(s), whatever their form or nature, disrespecteful with privacy or public authorities, breaching good morals, unlawful, threatening, libelous, defamatory, obscene, indecent, pornographic or pedophile, racist, xenophobic, or profane, that could constitute or encourage discrimination, hate, suicide, criminal behaviour, terrorism or that could apology war crimes or crimes against humanity ; - not to enter and break computing system and not to commit offenses repressed by laws ; - not to process to mass sendings of undesired messages to other internet users' box ; - not to use Loovac services or any possible personal datas fraudulently recovered for business purposes. Loovac treats site users' personal information with utmost respect and confidentiality and ensure that personal informations are securely stored. Personal informations will never be provided to any third party for any purpose, business, marketing or promotional use.

    Hyperlinks and references to other Websites
    As Loovac user, you should be aware that Loovac privacy policy and security practices do not apply to other websites. If you follow links on Loovac to other websites, you are no more longer covered by this policy. Informations on websites you could reach through hyperlinks or remits, have not been checked or used by Loovac. Loovac don't guarantee accuracy, veracity, legality and wholeness of whole or part of informations given by this websites. Loovac disclaims any and all liability for mistakes and omissions. As a user, you remain strictly responsible for appraisal of the accuracy, veracity, legality and wholeness of informations and contents of websites reached through links or hyperlinks. Loovac disclaims responsability of content, purpose and use of any other website, reachable through one of his links or hyperlinks or remits.

    Copyright protection
    Whole content, design, layout, material and software of Loovac websites is copyright protected. all rights are reserved. Copying, publishing, reproducing and displaying part or whole content, design and layout of Loovac websites, in United States or outward, is not allowed, without the prior written consent of Loovac.

    Limit of liability
    Loovac strictly and explicitly disclaims any and all liability for paying direct or indirect reparation, for any compensation or appurtenance, for reparation including penalties or material reparation, costs, legal fees and disbursements of any nature whatsoever, that could arise from, be related to your use of Loovac service, or that could result from loss of energy, breach of publishing, default, delay in transmission, from other damaging factors or from a loss of Web Loovac system and datas, whatever awareness Loovac may have of the presence of such defaults and even if Loovac has been advised of the possibility of such damages.

    Loovac don't publish advertisements neither under its name, nor under any third party's name, neither on its account nor other third party's account. The advertiser is solely responsible for the content of its advertisement and for keeping their informations up to date. He expressly discharges Loovac of all third party liability. Loovac can't be held for responsible for lack of accuracy of content, photos and calendar updating of any advertisement. Loovac is not involved, somehow or other, in contracts and/or agreements between visitors and advertisers, neiher directly, nor indirectly, neither legally nor economically. There are no contracting agreement between Loovac and advertisers except publishing their advertisements. Loovac doesn't becomes part of the contracts concluded between advertisers and visitors of the website. Loovac is not involved and will not participate in the achievement of such contracts. Loovac is not paid, with commission or benefits in kind, for the termination of contracts between advertisers and visitors of the website.

    The advertiser remains responsible of the nature of the contract he proposes and concludes to visitor of his own choice, with no interference of Loovac. Thereof, any visitor, and him sole, should carefully use advertisers' informations shown on Loovac website, and should make all worth checkouts, under his own and sole responsability about the content of the selected offers. Visitor fulfils his responsabilities in using all informations found on Loovac websites or Loovac publications. Loovac doesn't interfere and can't be involved in researching advertisements, in reservations, in dealings and in any disputation, claim, complaint or cause of action arising between both parties, advertiser and visitor of website. Loovac isn't authorized to send informations or documentation about advertisements shown on its websites.

    Access limitation
    Loovac reserves the right to refuse to any internet user (visitor or/and advertiser) the access to all or part of Loovac website, unilaterally, and with no prior notification, in particular in case of obvious breach of present terms and conditions of use.

    Present terms and conditions changes
    Loovac reserves the right to change, complete or delete partially present terms and conditions of use anytime subject to United States laws and regulations. Indeed, Loovac recommends to read present stipulations regularly so that you may remain informed on time of any possible amendment.

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