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    Loovac offers a sponsoring program all over its network. This program consists in introducing potential new advisers and make them register advertisings on Loovac network : by this way, you will win FREE subscriptions for your advertisement !

    Why sponsoring ?

    When a visitor makes a research, thanks to the searching engine of Loovac website, he will have access to your advertisement, as well as to all complementary services located in the same geographical area.

    For example, you advertise to rent a vacation lodging ; a potential client, interested by your advertisement, will be able, with one click, to see and look at advertisements of restaurants, leisures, car and boat rentals close to your vacation lodging.

    The more your surrounding area will offer various services, the more your advertisement will be attractive ! Add value to your service and win free subscription by making your friends join Loovac !

    The strength of our publishing system is based on the concept of network ; by creating your own network of advisers, offering complementary services to yours, you will emphasize the quality of your service and will be more interesting for future clients who are organizing their vacations.

    How sponsoring another advertiser ?

    To sponsor another adviser, you just need to give him the reference number of your advertisement, and ensure he will write it down in his registering form. Your sponsored adviser will have to subscribe for 12 month minimum.

    As soon as our service will validate an advertisement with the reference number of your advertisement, the number of sponsorings you will have made will be increased and will appear in your personal back office.

    What is your benefit to sponsor another adviser ?

    By sponsoring 4 new advisers on Loovac network, for any category, for a minimum of 12-months-subscription for each, you will win one year FREE subscription for your advertisement.
    This free subscription will start when your current subscription will be finished.

    What is your sponsored adviser's benefit ?

    Your sponsored adviser will have one month free additional subscription : it means he will subscribe for 12 months, and his advertisement will be published on Loovac network for 13 months. Of course, he will be able to sponsor new advisers as well, and then win free subscription too !

    We offer even more !

    You can add up the advantages of several sponsorings : if during your current subscription, you sponsor 4 new advisers, then 8, 12 or more, you will win 1, 2, or 3 years FREE subscriptions which will be automatically credited to your account and you will easily check the number of sponsorings made on your personal "back office".

    By this way, it means we allow you not to pay anymore for publishing your advertisement on Loovac network, with no limit of time.

    Then, don't wait anymore to make all potential advisers arround you know and join Loovac network, and win FREE YEARS subscriptions of publishing of your advertisement on our network !!!

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